Irving Paisley Park

Park located at York Mills and Bayview

Irving Paisley Park, formerly known as Winfields or York Mills Park is located at the southeast corner of York Mills Road and Bayview Avenue.

The park has a number of amenities including:

  • baseball diamond,
  • basketball court,
  • playground structure, and
  • the park is connected to a walking path.

Ample free parking is available on site.

York Mills Arena, a seasonal skating rink (September 30 – March 31st) is located within the park.

History:  Irving Paisley was a Councillor in the former township of North York.  As a Controller for North York he served several terms on Metro Council.  Paisley’s 30 year municipal career culminated in being appointed Deputy Mayor of the City of North York.  Paisley was responsible for spearheading the building of York Finch General Hospital and became its founding Chairman.  Paisley’s accomplishments were recognized by the Federal Government who bestowed Paisley with the Centennial Medal for Service to the Nation in 1967.  The park was renamed in his honour on April 23, 2009.

Irving Paisley Park Playground

Irving Paisley Park Baseball Diamond


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