Dallington Park

Dallington Park

The park has very few amenities, however it is one of the most beautiful parks in the whole area.  The park consists of connecting valleys and runs mainly behind residential properties.  There are a number of access points into the park including:

  • Glentworth Drive,
  • Shaughnessy Drive,
  • Ferbane Place,
  • Dallington Drive, and
  • Shippigan Court.

This is the last of the three parks that connect Sheppard Avenue East to Van Horne Avenue.  The other two parks moving northward are Lescon Park and finally Bellbury Park.  There is an ashphalt pathway that will lead you straight down to Sheppard on the South side of Glentworth Avenue.

The most breathtaking part of the park is on the South side of Glentworth Drive.  There is a hill that leads down to a water run off point, and it is breathtakingly beautiful.  A great free spot for wedding photos, as long as you aren’t wearing high heels going up and down the hill.

Walking Path to Sheppard from Dallington Park

Gorgeous Dallington Park


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