Ruddington Park

Ruddington Park, just off Cummer and Bayview, located at 75 Ruddington Drive.

The rectangular shaped park, next to Lester B. Pearson Elementary School, has the following amenities:

  • play structure
  • public tennis courts
  • benches and tables
  • open green space




Bestview Park and Nature Trail

Play structure at Bestview Park

A park designed for strolling nature lovers and sweating fitness buffs alike! This park offers something for everyone.  Bestview Park is nestled inside the Bayview Woods community off Bayview between Steeles and Cummer.

The park has limited on street parking, unless it is after school hours and you can park at Steelesview Public School.

Park amenities include:

  • Multiple playground structures
  • Nature trail
  • Lit baseball diamond
  • 3 lit tennis courts (public)
  • Benches

The nature path begins at Bestivew Park and and connects to the East Don Parklands.  One could start at Steeles and connect through a park system South to Sheppard Avenue or East to Leslie Street.

Baseball diamond at Bestview Park

Playground at Bestview Park

Windfields Park

Windfields Park

One of the gems of North York, Windfields Park has it all.  Accessible from a number of different streets and connected to Banbury Community Centre, as well as the Banbury Tennis Courts, this park has it all!

Park amenities include:

  • Multiple play structures
  • Washrooms (at the Banbury Community Centre)
  • Paths in wooded areas, great for an afternoon for exploration
  • Walking path connected to other parks
  • Wide open green spaces
  • Benches

Walking Paths

Wooded area, great for exploring!


For tennis players:

The Banbury Tennis Club is a private club with 4 lit courts in a park / country-like setting.  The club offers lessons for players of all ages, as well as interleague play for adults.

Public hours: 4:20 – 6:20pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Banbury Community Centre

Banbury Community Centre

The community centre is located at 120 Banbury Road, adjacent to Windfields Park, and Banbury Tennis Courts.  Closest major intersection is Leslie and York Mills. The facility can be reached at: 416-395-6101.

The Banbury Community Centre is partially accessible and has ample parking. It offers the following amenities:

  • Clubhouse
  • Dressing room
  • 5 multipurpose rooms
  • Kitchen

The community centre offers a number of programs for residents of all ages in the following areas:

  • Arts
  • Fitness and wellness
  • General interest

For tennis players:

The Banbury Tennis Club is a private club with 4 lit courts in a park / country-like setting.  The club offers lessons for players of all ages, as well as interleague play for adults.

Public hours: 4:20 – 6:20pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Banbury Tennis Courts

Grounds of Banbury Community Centre

Multipurpose Room in Banbury Community Centre

Banbury Community Centre

Bond Park

Bond Park

One of the best kept secrets in North York, a multiuse park in that has facilities for both casual and serious baseball players and tennis players alike!

Bond Park is the the start or the end of the line for the CN Leaside Rail Path, depending on your perspective.  It is also connected to Duncairn Park and creates a great loop for runners and walkers alike.

Baseball players and fans

The park baseball facility consists of five clay and grass diamonds. Substantial renovation has taken place over the past few years and the park now features three separate change rooms (two of them having showers and washrooms), two more washrooms, new storage areas, an office, a large clubhouse meeting room, new concrete sheds, a scorer/announcer tower, fully functioning batting cages and adjacent car parking.

For more information about baseball in North York, click here.

Sport Complex at Bond Park

North York Blues at Bond ParkAnnouncer Tower at Bond Park


Tennis Players:

Since 1960, the Don Mills Tennis Club (DMTC) has been a familiar fixture in Bond Park.  It is one of the most diverse community tennis clubs in Toronto, with a membership roster that averages close to 500 junior and adult members every summer season.

There are 6 hard courts, resurfaced and repainted in 2004, that are open year-round.  The clubhouse has a modern kitchen, lounge area, washrooms, showers and changing rooms.

Public Hours are from 4:00 – 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For information about Winter Tennis, please contact the North York Winter Tennis Club.

Tennis Courts at Bond Park

Don Mills Tennis Club at Bond Park